Exciting News!

We will be relocating in April 2017 to the Waterfront's Silo Precinct! You can read a bit more about the whole development here: http://siloblog.co.za/.

The Glasshouse brand will be changing slightly with the new space and we will also be opening our doors to ladies in the New Year. We would like to ensure all our existing gents that the new Glasshouse will still be a space that you will feel comfortable coming to, with the existing modern and masculine feel. We feel that this move is going to innovate and re-fresh our brand.

With this we would also like to inform all our clients that if they have any Loyalty Points, to please redeem them before 25th February 2017, as we will be moving over to a new software system with our move and your loyalty points will no longer be valid thereafter. We will be switching to a new Loyalty program, so please ask when paying your bill if you have any points you would like to redeem before then.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us via email on info@glasshousemen.com.

Welcome to Glasshouse

Glasshouse is a one-stop grooming emporium created specifically for men. It’s a haven for the man-on-the-go who wishes to indulge in grooming treatments in a elegant space where time seems to momentarily stand still.

Guys can have their appearance fine-tuned in a luxuriously masculine environment. The striking designer décor at Glasshouse features black leather, natural textiles, Nguni cowhides and printed wallpaper contrasting with rough loft-like finishes.

Twenty-first century males no longer flinch at waxing or tinting, once the sole preserve of women. Celebrities such as David Beckham have become role models for the new metrosexual male, who appreciates that personal grooming is an art of living that enhances overall well-being and optimises performance in a highly competitive world.

Where else can you enjoy a hot cappuccino, a cold beer or an exclusive whisky while watching your favourite news channel on a large-screen TV during your pedicure? Come and experience rejuvenation and an enhanced feeling of well-being at Glasshouse.

Award Winner

We are proud to announce that Glasshouse has been awarded a win in the Professional Beauty 2016 Awards! This was awarded for our outstanding achievement in service delivery over the past year as voted for by professional industry consultants.

Professional Beauty Awards 2016

Les Nouvelles Finalist  2013 Spa Awards  South African Spa Association

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